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Ghost subscribers with event viewer warnings.

AvNotifier_MC Received message event 3 on NotifyQ for former Subscribers

Dear forum members;

I need assistance with our Unity 3.1.5 server.


We are getting the below AvNotifier_MC warnings filling our event viewer. The messages are for eleven ex-Subscribers.

Problem appears to have started when one Exchange 5.5 server was rebooted. The Exchange 5.5 server that was rebooted was the default server for the Unity's Exchange 5.5 administration software.

The eventlogs are showing AvNotifier warnings

similar to the following:

Event Type: Warning

Event Source: AvNotifier_MC

Event Category: Run

Event ID: 1015

Date: 7/17/2003

Time: 14:17

User: N/A

Computer: (UNITY Server's name)


Received message event 3 on NotifyQ for user cn=(ex-subscriber's alias),cn=Recipients,ou=YYYY,o=YYYY who is not monitored. No MWI or notifications will occur for this user.


Unity 3.1.5

Exchange 5.5 admin only SP4

SQL 2k SP3

Win2K SP3


Exchange 5.5 site has ten Exchange 5.5 SP4 servers

CCM cluster 3.2.2c SP h


Previously we rebooted the Unity server and the errors would go away for a time.

Checked Event viewer. Guess that the reboot of the off box exchange 5.5 server triggered this problem.

Checked SA Web to locate the subscribers - none found.

Checked my backup spread sheet of Unity Subscribers. The Subscribers were properly removed from Unity in June of 2003.

Checked CCM ex-subscribers are not in CCM.

Checked custom attrib for the ex-subscribers - nothing different than other ex-subscribers custom attribs.

Checked DOE Prop Test (for the reason of "bunny killing") read only. Could not locate mail user or call handlers for these ex-subscribers. If located I would have restarted DOE Prop Test using the proper password.

Ran DBwalker No errors or warnings relating to the ex-subscribers.

Checked Unity 3.1.6 release notes under open caveats looking for a known issue or workaround.

Checked Bug Tool Navigator for AvNotifier_MC. Did not find my exact warning message.

Checked Cisco TAC posted documents. No article found on Ghost subscribers, ex-subscribers, Av_Notifier errors.

Checked Unity Troubleshooting Guide. No luck there ether.

Posted to Forum.

Thank you in advance for your reply.


Kyle Roth

Unity Lead Tech



New Member

Re: Ghost subscribers with event viewer warnings.

We opened a Cisco TAC Case. Case #E267270

New Member

Re: Ghost subscribers with event viewer warnings.

We received the following from Cisco TAC:

You're experiencing CSCeb58551. This bug, while not being wholly cosmetic, is wholly harmless. Unity will do nothing with the notifications it is receiving from Exchange. The event in question, 3, means the subscriber read a message, so am I correct to assume this is unified messaging? For whatever reason the ExchangeMonitor component in Unity is monitoring these mailboxes, but the Notifier component (the one ExchangeMonitor talks to directly) isn't. Stopping and restarting the AvMsgStoreMonitorSvc service will make those errors go away. This is a non-intrusive workaround. This bug is fixed in 4.0.3 due out in September.

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