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Gigabit supported on CM server?

I have a client that would like a gigabit card in their Cisco 7835 CM (and UM) server(s). The 3COM NIC model they would like to use is a 3COM 3C996.

They are currently using a 100 connection to the VOIP VLAN and would like the gigabit card to be used for access to the data VLAN (for backup).

Is this config supported?

Cisco Employee

Re: Gigabit supported on CM server?

To my knowledge this has not been tested so probably will not be supported. I would suggest talking with you CAM (Channel Account Manager) if you are a partner or working with your Cisco SE/AM to find out when this will be tested and supported.

Thank you,

Cisco Employee

Re: Gigabit supported on CM server?

Also note that if they are talking about using 2 NICs in the CallManager server, then this is definitely a bad idea. If you really need redundancy then get a dual NIC where Windows treats it as a single network interface. This is not supported either, but 2 completely separate NICs installed can cause CallManager to try and start using the wrong network interface.

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Re: Gigabit supported on CM server?

Per TAC, I am re-installing CM due to a few anomalies that occurred after the giga-NIC was installed by the local administrator (unbeknownst to me). I removed the giga-NIC and the anomalies are still occurring.

Why would CM get confused if the 100-NIC was dedicated to the voice VLAN and the giga-NIC was dedicated to the data VLAN?

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Re: Gigabit supported on CM server?

Are they not supported (gigabit ethernet cards in callmanager)

Using a Catalyst 4908G-L3, as shown in Figure 12, a high-performance LAN backbone is created to support

the business needs of company XYZ. Workgroups are created using Catalyst 3500 XL switches. GigaStack is used for workgroups with Gigabit uplink to the Backbone. Common application servers and the CallManager server are upgraded with Gigabit network interface cards and directly connected to the backbone.

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