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Global Extension Mobility Conversion

My customer has ~150 phones and they were initially setup without extension mobility. Now, they want to move everyone in the organization to EM.

Can someone point me in the right direction or give me some advice regarding moving everyone on a CCM system to extension mobility?

I have listed two ideas below. If someone has a different idea or wants to shoot holes in either of these, feel free.


Idea #1: Fork Lift Conversion


* Export the phones in BAT, modify the CSV file and import back into the system as User Device Profiles?

* Then turn on auto registration

* Delete all phones from the system

* Allow the phones to get a generic extension

* Force everyone to login.


Idea #2: Static Phones with EM


* Leave current phones as-is ... DNs in the "internal-pt" partition

* Create user device profiles with the same extensions as the original phones except I create a new partion "internal-em-pt"

* Then, I would change all Calling search spaces to the following





Now, consider this Scenario:

The user with extension 1000 (internal-em-pt) is not logged into EM.

Somone calls 1000.

Will his phone with extension 1000 (internal-pt) ring, or will the call go to voicemail associated with EM ext 1000?




Re: Global Extension Mobility Conversion

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Re: Global Extension Mobility Conversion

Just in case someone else has the same question...

Configuring EM for everyone in the organization was not as hard as I had made it out to be. I simply created User device profiles with the same extension as the user's phone in the same partition (shared line).

This way, everyone "could" use EM but no one "had" to.

Here are the steps I used:

1) Setup Extension Mobility per Cisco instructions

2) Use Bat to subscribe every phone to Extension Mobility service.

3) Export existing phones using BAT.

4) Use data from exported phones to populate user device profile BAT template.

5) Import User Device Profiles with BAT.


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