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Got an AvMiu_MC error in app log, what does it mean?

I got the following error in the app log of a Unity 3.1.5 box. Is this serious? It looks like some call failed. Is ther ea way to find/trace it?

Event Type: Error

Event Source: AvMiu_MC

Event Category: Error

Event ID: 525

Date: 5/5/2003

Time: 8:00:50 AM

User: N/A

Computer: USFL09VM04


Component Miu: Thread 0x000017D4 had a Failure on Port 70 in Method CAvMiuLine::GenerateDigits()

DESCRIPTION: Timed-out waiting for LINE_GENERATE after lineGenerateDigits.


HCALL: 0x000109C0



CallerID: 2221141

CalledID: 18504360036

RedirectingID: 18504360036

Origin: Internal

Reason: Direct

Trunk: 0.


[14:01:57:063 - 0x000015D0] Drop() - S_OK

[14:01:57:063 - 0x000015D0] MakeCall(918719835232) - E_MIU_DEST_RNA

[16:53:51:710 - 0x00001648] SetMWI(DestAddress 3171700 | Messages 1 | State ON)

[16:53:51:897 - 0x00000FAC] LINE_REPLY(0x00011B75 | 0x00000000)

[16:53:51:897 - 0x00001648] SetMWI(DestAddress 3171700 | Messages 1 | State ON) - S_OK

[17:09:07:733 - 0x00001648] SetMWI(DestAddress 3142327 | Messages 0 | State OFF)

[17:09:07:905 - 0x00000FAC] LINE_REPLY(0x000119AD | 0x00000000)

[17:09:07:905 - 0x00001648] SetMWI(DestAddress 3142327 | Messages 0 | State OFF) - S_OK

[08:00:07:893 - 0x000013C8] MakeCall(9,18504360036) entered

[08:00:07:924 - 0x000013C8] lineMakeCall(9,18504360036) - 0x00011796 | New HCALL 0x00000000

[08:00:15:252 - 0x00000FAC] LINE_REPLY(0x00011796 | 0x00000000)

[08:00:38:581 - 0x00000FAC] LINECALLSTATE_CONNECTED(0x000109C0 | Active)

[08:00:38:597 - 0x00000FAC] LINECALLSTATE_CONNECTED(0x000109C0 | Active)

[08:00:38:597 - 0x000013C8] WaitFor(0x00011796 | CONNECTED) - CONNECTED

[08:00:38:597 - 0x000013C8] MakeCall(9,18504360036) - S_MIU_CONNECTED

[08:00:40:878 - 0x000017D4] GenerateDigits(18664917118) entered

[08:00:40:893 - 0x000017D4] lineGenerateDigits(0x000109C0 | 18664917118) - 0x00000000

[08:00:50:894 - 0x000017D4] WaitFor(GENERATE) - Timeout.

Cisco Employee

Re: Got an AvMiu_MC error in app log, what does it mean?

It looks like we were doing a notification to a pager (I'm guessing it's a pager anyway, since we send a PIN). Unity called "9,18504360036" and detected a connection. Then, after waiting 2 seconds, we sent the digits (PIN Number?) "18664917118". Normally, we recieve a LINE_GENERATE message from the TSP when it has finished sending a string of digits (or we'll get a Disconnect or some other message to indicate that the call was dropped or something like that). In this case, the Miu didn't receive any response from the TSP until we hit our 10 second timeout. That probably means we were unable to log in to the pager. I can't tell why we didn't receive a response from the TSP.

How serious is this? I dunno, it depends. Did the subscriber who uses this notification rule fail to get notified? Also, what's the TSP (Skinny or Dialogic)? Also, did this only happen once or are there several error messages like this? And if you do see similar errors, are they just for this notification (phone number & PIN), or do you see it for others? And did port 70 (the one that reported the error) recover or get burned after this happened?

Re: Got an AvMiu_MC error in app log, what does it mean?

I don't know about the subscriber getting notified. I checked the Caller ID, 2221141, and couldn't find it in Unity. The TSP is skinny. There are several errors like this, they happen every couple of days, but they always happen at 8:00am. There was only one other error, which was on port 71. I don't know if these ports got "burned" or not. They are in an idle state just like the other ones that aren't answering calls. As for the 18664917118#, it is the main number for accessing the Unity box. Could this all be a mis-configuration?

Cisco Employee

Re: Got an AvMiu_MC error in app log, what does it mean?

Ah, if 18664917118 is the main Unity number, then it's likely that this is a pager that only accepts numeric messages rather than voice messages. In other words, they've set it up so that it calls the pager when the user has an important message, and then after establishing a connection, it sends the Unity number, so the user knows to call Unity and check the m essage. It's possible that either the connection to the pager is flaky (meaning it sometimes loses connection when Unity is sending the phone number to call back), or they're not waiting long enough before sending the number (the trace shows they waited 2 seconds, which might not be long enough). They can adjust the time before sending the digits in the SA Notification screen for that subscriber, but that requires that you determine which subscriber it is. It's probably a good idea that you figure that out anyway, so you can ask them what their experience is -- in other words, are they not receiving their pages from Unity when they have new messages?

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