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Greetings and Recorded Name drops

FOr some reason or another, we lost around 0% of our recorded names and greetings for our users. Nothing in any of the logs pointed that there was an issue. Also, can these wav files be restored or is this something that will be lost during recovery? Thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: Greetings and Recorded Name drops

The greeting and voice name files are stored in \commserver\streamfiles and are named using the alias of the subscribers or call handlers they're associated with - it's pretty easy to go fish around in there to find what you're looking for.

I'd be curious if you could go look for the greetings and voice names for a user that lost theirs in this directory and see if you can find them - if you find them in here but they aren't offered over the phone then the database is indicating they don't have a greeting recorded and we can take it from there. If the WAV files are missing I'd wonder what process might have done that - in this case the greeting paths for the subscribers will still "point" to a file in here and will likely throw errors in the event log when they try to play and fail.

If you've done backups with DiRT or a tape backup package that included that directory it's pretty straight foward to restore the greeting files themselves - they're just straight WAV files, nothing fancy. But you may have to past them in manually from the SA to get the database to point to them properly again - depends on what you find above...

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