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greetings in Unity

Call Manager - 3.1.2c and Unity 3.1(2)

Need to have two different greetings based on the Pilot point called.

There are two WA pilot points defined in CM (1400 and 1450-these are DIDs). If no users are avaiable in either hunt group, the call is supposed to be routed to 1200 (if it was for 1400) and 1250 (if it was for 1450). 1200 and 1250 are extensions in CM that forward the call to Unity pilot point with the VMbox of 1200 or 1250. When the call is answered by Unity, it plays the Opening Greeting and not the greeting for 1200 or 1250. I can dial 1200 or 1250 and get the correct greeting, but 1400 or 1450 is dialed, the Opening Greeting is activated. I have tried to put in 1400 and 1450 as subscribers in Unity as well, but even then, the calls seems to be going to Opening Greeting rather then either of those (1400 or 1450) greetings.

Is there a workaround?


Cisco Employee

Re: greetings in Unity

The calling/forwarded numbers Unity is getting here are probably not what you're expecting which is why calls are ending up at the opening greeting. Check in the call viewer application (in Tools Depot or in the Unity Program group) and do a test call to see what is being filled in for the forwarding, called and calling number here before you go creating subscribers or routing rules and the like. I suspect strongly what's coming to Unity is not correct here...

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