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Is there any way to integrate Unity with Groupwise?<br><br>


Re: Groupwise

Hi Robert.

Well, the short answer is there’s no clean way to fully integrate a Unity server with a GroupWise server and client.

The longer, more sticky answer starts with a clarification on what you mean by “integrate”.

If you’re looking at using Unity for voice mail only (i.e. not a unified messaging system) you have some options. Certainly Novell has some good tools to integrate their NDS with NT’s directory so you could certainly have that setup and have NT accounts automatically created on the Unity server which could then be associated with Unity subscribers in Exchange. This makes AA access from the desktop nice and smooth when the site is using Novell as their primary network since they don’t have to authenticate (i.e. their security token matches from their Novell login). Head out to Novell’s web site, they have bunches of info on their NDS for NT stuff and their support pages have PDF files with good details on the ins and outs of how this works.

Doing a true “unified” messaging model in this type of environment would be impossible, however. While Novell does have a synchronizer for Exchange 5.5, it works in much the same way as the Lotus connector does. It essentially sets up proxy email users on either side and shuttles messages across. It does not maintain the read/deleted state of messages across stores which means your notification and MWI triggers would be out of whack. For instance if you got a new voice mail in Unity, we stuff it in your Exchange account. The synchronizer would then copy that message over to your GroupWise account where you see it at the desktop. Since there is no VMO equivalent for GroupWise you’d see this as an email with an attached WAV. When you opened it and listened to it, Unity will not know this and we will leave your MWI on until you call in over the phone or access your Exchange inbox via Outlook. Not ideal. If you setup the connector to MOVE the message instead of copying it, even worse. Unity now has no record of your message, no MWI goes out, no notifications and if you call in over the phone we’ll say you have no new messages but you’ll see a new voice mail in your GroupWise inbox.

Further the message class of the messages themselves is many times not preserved when they’re moved across the connector (true for Lotus and GroupWise) so faxes, for instance, would not come across as faxes, they would be emails with attached TIF files. Finally, you’d have to delete messages over the phone if you didn’t have a separate client to access the Exchange store… if you didn’t do that your inbox on Exchange would eventually fill up.

Probably about as close as you could get would be to have the GroupWise client for email and the Outlook client for voice mail/faxes on every desktop. Probably a little cluttered and more expensive than folks would be looking for, but workable perhaps.

So far as I know there’s no way to get any message client to read two stores at once. You can get it to poll a POP3 account and “pull” messages over to your primary store but there’s no way to have a single client look at two primary stores (i.e. leave messages there and let you manipulate their state from the client). If someone knows of a snappy way around this, I’m all ears! I can’t imagine how it’d get around handing messages from different stores with potentially different directories, however… that’d be very tricky stuff. When you hit “reply” on a message it’d have to be very smart about which address book it presented to you as possible destinations.

Anyway… probably more information than you were looking for, but hopefully I answered your question in there somewhere.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice Corp


Re: Groupwise

I was wandering, have you thought of using the GroupWise 5.5 MAPI plugging for Outlook?

There is a good FAQ on it at

I am definatly interested in your thoughts on this

Martin Giguere
System Engineer
Alcatel eBusiness Networking Division


Re: Groupwise

Well… I suppose my thoughts on this depend on what you’re hoping to do with it.

It seems like a fine solution for allowing folks to use the Outlook desktop client to get at their mail store on a Groupwise server or vice versa. Novell has always done a good job interoperating with other systems (i.e. their integration into the NT model is fantastic).

If, however, you’re hoping to simply plug this MAPI drop in onto a Unity server and have us provide unified messaging services on a Groupwise back end, this is a very long way from everything we’d need.

My first concern would be, of course, the MAPI plug in itself is clearly written as a single client access scenario and even with that their FAQ mentions performance issues several times. Being able to fire up 72 simultaneous sessions is a whole different ball of wax. Microsoft spent a lot of time with us early on getting the MAPI stuff worked out (and they just got the last of our major issues ironed on in SP4!). I would fully expect Novell would have to step up to some serious development commitments to take it to the level necessary. Lots and lots of work…

My next observation is that we need a lot more than just a link to get to the mail store. The directory is a big part of what we need… We’d have to write a connector for Novell just as we had to for Exchange (and are for AD and Domino). This is a pretty major development and testing effort all by itself. I suppose you could weasle on some of that if Novell has a really tight AD integration, but it still woldn't get you seamless user creation/editing of the mail users/properties... the kind of "god" level access we need to send messages as other users, monitor their message store for changes and the like.

If, instead, you’re just looking for a way to have Groupwise clients be able to connect to an Exchange message store and get voice mail services, I suppose this plug in gets you part of the way there. They’d at least be able to get their voice mail as an attached WAV file to an email, but not much more than that. A VMO plug in for a Groupwise client is not in the works so far as I know.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice


Re: Groupwise

We use Groupwise as our main message store for e-mail, and NDS for permissions. It has worked well for several thousand users over 7 years. We upgraded to 5.5 and were interested in using the redundant message store with all the administration features for managing our Voice Mail and VOIP (Cisco callmanager) accounts.

Please help.

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