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GSM/GPRS gateway with Call Manager ?

Do CISCO make a GSM/GPRS gateway / interface card ?

To make sure I am using the correct terminology, I'll explain what I want to do.

I want a gateway registered with Call Manager (in the same way my e1 equipped 2821's are) but instead of using an e1, use up to 30 mobile SIMS so I can forcecalls to mobiles through this gateway and get "mobile-to-mobile" rates rather than "land-to-mobile" rates.

In order to achieve this, do I get a 3rd party box and connect this to the e1 interface of CISCO router - and this 3rd party box emulates an e1 ? meaning the use of mobile SIMs is transparent to the CISCO router (it just sees an e1). Do CISCO make/rebrand this type of device ? Is there a WIC/interface card that achieves this with a CISCO router ? Or a specific piece of CISCO equipment for this purpose ? Does anyone have any experience/recommendations ?

Just to clarrify, this is literally for voice calls only and cost savings based on "mobile-to-mobile" rates/call allowances in an active Call Manager 4 deployment, there is no data requirement. UK based.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: GSM/GPRS gateway with Call Manager ?

The Cisco GPRS Gateway Support Node Service Manager (GGSN-SM) is a set of tools that interface with the CiscoWorks desktop navigation user interface to perform provisioning and troubleshooting of access point names (APNs) and Cisco GGSN charging profiles. The Cisco GGSN-SM interfaces with the CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution (LMS) to provide an end-to-end management solution for Cisco Mobile Exchange networks.

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Re: GSM/GPRS gateway with Call Manager ?

yes, these devices exists, search for "gsm box sip" on any search engine.

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Re: GSM/GPRS gateway with Call Manager ?

Hi Alastair

Quescom (based in France) offer GSM Gateways. The even have an IP/GSM Gateway that has been tested with CallManager.



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Re: GSM/GPRS gateway with Call Manager ?

Hi ,

Like the previous post , I confirm that quescom is a good solution for you ...

A very good product .



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