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GSM Moving Unity Mailboxes

Unity 4.0.3, CCM 3.3.3

We have to move mailboxes from one Unity {off box Exchange 2000} to another Unity {on box Exchange 2000} and we want to try using the GSM "move" tool. We are trying to grant the user account "public" and "db_datareader" rights to the UnityInstall account, can you give us a run down on how to grant these rights and or check which account may already have these rights?


Cisco Employee

Re: GSM Moving Unity Mailboxes

First off, GSM wont move mailboxes in Exchange for you - it moves Unity subscribers from one Unity server to another - in your case the moved subscribers will still point to the same Exchange mailbox they did when they lived on the original server. You'll have to do this in two steps - move the Unity user and then move their mailbox in Exchange to be on the mailstore you want. Unity will pick up the new mailbox location the first time the user calls in to check messages.

Second, the easiest way to make sure the account has proper DB access on both Unity servers is to add the user in question to the local admins group - this has full DB rights for UnityDb. If you want to be more granular than that, check out the "Programatic Administration of Unity" paper on the Documents page of - it goes into detail how to do this, including screen shots of the SQL adminsitration console. Should get you what you need.

Community Member

Re: GSM Moving Unity Mailboxes

I was planning on using the "UnityInstall" account to log in to Windows and run the GSM tool. Do I need to add that account to the local admin group on both Unity servers {the one I'm moving from and the one I'm moving to}?

Also, thank you for such a quick response.

Doug Heppler

Cisco Employee

Re: GSM Moving Unity Mailboxes

If it's not already a member on both boxes, that'd be your best move - it's easier to do that then to go into the Excahnge admin and manually assign the rights for the UnityDB access.

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