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H.323 between CCM clusters to Unity

URGENT!!!<br>I have two sites, one CallManager and one Unity in each site. The CCM's are not clustered (Cisco does not support Clustering across the WAN yet), and Unity/Exchange Servers are not networked (or in the same site). I have established an H.323 Gateway b/w the two sites (dialing pattern) for extension dialing b/w sites. When I dial from one site to anotherby dialing just the extension, the call traverses the WAN thru the H.323 gateway, then rings the called phone on the other CallManager. If the calls rings n/o or busy, and goes to voicemail, the connection is immediately lost and the far CallManager services reboot. <br><br>So, question is, why does a call originating from an H.323 gateway, not able to connect to Unity, whereas Unity should see it as an external call? <br><br>


Re: H.323 between CCM clusters to Unity

You should contact Cisco's and Active Voice's Tech support.

It appears that an error is occurring that is causing the CallManager service to restart.

Since this error is occurring on the Call Manager server, Cisco's Tech support would probably be better at diagnosing the problem.

If you contact Active Voice's tech support, they can get the CallManager logs and forward them to me. I might be able to figure out what is going on.

Aaron Belcher
Software Engineer
Active Voice

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