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H.323 gatekeeper, proxy impacts

Hi. Does anyone know if you can run H.323 gatekeeper and proxy services on 1600-series routers? Also any documents or knowledge anyone has on performance impacts to routers (1600, 2500, 2600 series) by running these functions would be most useful. Thanks,

-John Barnhardt

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Re: H.323 gatekeeper, proxy impacts


We use a lot the H.323 Gatekeeper/Proxy, but I am not aware of it's availability on the 1600 or 2500 series. I believe the 1600 is underpowered and the 2500 is EOL. The H.323GK/Proxy is part of a IOS image (IP/H323, Enterprise Plus/MCM,..). It runs on 2600, 3600 and 7200 series. The performance impact is dependent on the functions you want this GK/Proxy router to do (GK, Proxy, ASR,..) and on the number of endpoint registrations and concurrent calls it need to handle. I usually tend to use the 3600 series as dedicated GK/Proxy for all medium sized videoconferencing networks. You can also implement HSRP for redundancy and use load balancing between multiple GK to cope with the load. Anyway I would not recommend to put the GK/Proxy on an already heavily loaded router. Also I've experienced that the MCM is very powerfull in its H323 functions but is lacking or unstable in the 'standard' routing functionality.....

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Re: H.323 gatekeeper, proxy impacts

The MCM software is available for the 2500 series platform but not on the 1600

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