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H323 Directory Gatekeeper - CCM - H225 Setup

Hi Guys/Gals,

I am trying to understand the call setup of a H323 directory gatekeeper environment using Cisco Call Manager.

I am looking at the network like this:

CM Cluster 1 -> GK1 --> DIR GK --> GK2 -> CM Cluster 2

My impression is that the CM Cluster 1 sends ARQ to GK1, This would then send LRQ to the DIR GK (this is when the GK can not resolve the address locally), GK1 then sends back RIP - Request in Progress) DIR GK sends LRQ to GK2 which sends LCF to GK1 which sends ACF to CM Cluster 1.

At this stage CM Cluster 1 creates a TCP connection (port 1720) to CM Cluster 2 at which point the CM will send ARQ to GK2 to ask for permission to receive the call.

GK2 would then reply with say ACF before CM Cluster 2 responds to CM Cluster 1 with a H225 setup acknowlegement.

--- Me Boss says the setup ack would be send out (from cluster 2 to cluster 1) without the ARQ and ACF process to and from CM Cluster 2 from GK2.

I Don't this this is correct and say it is included, does anyone out there know the answer to this?

Thanks in advance!


Re: H323 Directory Gatekeeper - CCM - H225 Setup

Your understanding is correct. CM Cluster 2 will ARQ and require an ACF for permission to answer CM Cluster 1's call.

This is essential for Anonymous Device support to work correctly in CCM.


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