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h323 Gateway blocking rules

Can I block numbers using the number of digits?.

For example, can I block numbers who have 6 digits?

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Re: h323 Gateway blocking rules

you can use route patterns to block numbers

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Re: h323 Gateway blocking rules


If you had dial-peers with explicit matches you could do this it Could be a lenghty process configuring a the dial-plan with your requirement.

Definetly needs thought.

Some ideas..

Forward digits command on dial-peer could be of some benifet for example

forward-digits 7 & destination patern 99..... this would match anything with 7 digits or mor startingi with 99.

This would help to reduce the number of dialpeers required.

Another thought..

I like this method I havnt tried it though.

You could also try useing the num-exp to tranform the number to something that would be null i.e. match nothing this should work.

An example a 6 digit number hits the H.323 GW gets transformed to 333522222 and wont match a dial-peer

so the call will fail.

num-exp 5..... 333......

Because the 6 digit numbers wouldnt match anything..

If you have CM its a different story you could just not route 9.XXXXXX explicit match !!

Block this pattern.

You could also use CoR on the h.323gw this is pretty cool.Though every dial-peer needs configuration otherwise the call is allowed.

Let us if you want to block all 6digit numbers or perkhaps only ones start with 5

If you want to know more let us know.

It really depends on your HW/SW as to what you can and cant achieve.

Let us know how you get on.

Give it a try


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Re: h323 Gateway blocking rules

Hi Allan

Your trick of using the longest match rule seems fine. But sometimes I realised that IOS does not respect longest match rule and I rather prefer not to use longest match rule for dialpeer routing (always explicit rules).

What I need is to permit only 7 digits numbers and to block anything else.


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Re: h323 Gateway blocking rules

Hi Alex,

Try this dial-peer voice 35 pots

destination-pattern 9[1-9]......

port whichever one your sending to.

This will strip the first 9 then match any digit between 1-9 + six other digits ......

Give this a go I' not sure if longer numbers match I would think not

But I cant test this at the moment for you to clarify.

I would expect the behaviour to be a match on 7 digits only but longer matches may go through too.

Let me get back to you.


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Re: h323 Gateway blocking rules


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Re: h323 Gateway blocking rules

Hi Alex,

sorry about that last post ..

I tested this scenario and this is what was successfull 9[1-9].......$

I tested/dialed any number longer than 8 digits or shorter failed.

Dial-peer voice 44 pots

destination-pattern 9[1-9].......$

port 1/0/0


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