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H323 gateway resilience configuration - CCM3.3(2)


I have 2 x 3640's configured as H323 gateways, each with 30 channel PRI's.

These form a route list such that callmanager tries the first 3640, then the second.

If the LAN interface on router A is down, then callmanager will failover and send the call to router B as expected.

However, if the PRI itself is down, but the LAN interface is up, callmanager still sends the call to router A where it fails.

I thought the call control messages between the router & the callmanager would have resolved this scenario and provided failover to the second gateway.

How do I provide failover to a second gateway if the first PRI is down ?




Re: H323 gateway resilience configuration - CCM3.3(2)

Check the following CCM Service Parameter -- StopRoutingOnUserBusyFlag : Specifies when set to true, that if a call being routed through a route list detects the associated ?cause? during the release of the call, no re-routing to the next device in the route list is attempted and the call is released with the associated cause.

If the ports on the first GW have been "busyied out", set the parameter to false before testing.

Only then will subsequent route groups be attempted. Set the StopRoutingOnUserBusyFlag to FALSE.

In summary:

Route List: one single route list

Route Group1: For the First GW

Route Group2: For the second GW

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Re: H323 gateway resilience configuration - CCM3.3(2)

Thanks for the post, I changed the gateway to mgcp anyway & it solved it right away.

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