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H323 vs MGCP

why would someone use mgcp instead of h.323? what are the major advantages? other than maintaing existing calls during srst failover what can mgcp do that h323 cannot?

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Re: H323 vs MGCP

Cofiguration of mgcp gateways is simplified using the web interface very little config on the gateway perhaps vlan for cat blade use dhcp switch type framing vg200.

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Re: H323 vs MGCP

The main reason I would use MGCP over h.323 is for failover. If you are using a h.323 gateway and your primary callmanager goes down the calls will be dropped. With mgcp the gateway calls will be failed over to the secondary callmanager and the calls will stay up. This is the main advantage I can see. Like someone else said it also simplfies the configuration because most if not all can be done on the callmanager versus doing half and on gateway and have in callmanager with h.323.

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Re: H323 vs MGCP

Watch out for MGCP problems with a fax machine and VG200... as of last October's code h.323 was required for this setup.

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Re: H323 vs MGCP

What are the issues with fax and MGCP 12.2.2xn code vg200 ?

I was ging to implement this set-up tomorrow at a site witha vg248 should I revert to h.323 ?

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Re: H323 vs MGCP

I'm not sure if this is a correct statement. With H.323 protocol if the primary call manager fails the call will drop.

With MGCP protocol if the primary call manager fails the call will re-route to the subscriber.

Isn’t true when u configure a H.323, the gateway has the following statements

·         dial-peer voice 100 voip
  session target ipv4: publisher IP address”xxxx

·         dial-peer voice 101 voip
  session target ipv4: Subscriber IP address”xxxx

H.323 is intelligent enough to switch to the 2nd subscriber based on the statement above

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