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Handset problem

Good morning.

I have a problem with the handset on one users phone. Every three-four months, the microphone quits working. He can still hear the calling party, but they can't hear him.

If we switch the handset only (not the cord), it works fine. The problem follows the handset. If I plug the handset into my phone, I have the same problem.

I disassembled one of the handset, and all of the solder connections are good, and there is no apparent damage to the handsets.

What I can't figure out is why only one user. We have over 100 phones in 6 different location, and he is the only one having this problem. He is on his third handset in the past year.

Is it possible to purchase replacement handsets? I've searched, but can't find anything online. I've tried a variety of handsets, but none fit the cradle on the Cisco phones.

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

Steve Barr

Madison Local School District


Re: Handset problem

Change out that users phone to make sure it is not a power issue with too much going to the headset over the wire and kills it after a while. This will also remove any issue about the phone itself

If it continues your one user probably spits a lot when they talk or holds the phone in such a way that they drool into the headset and kill it over time. That or halitosis.

Hope this helps.

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