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hardware-address or client-indentifier

I read several docs about the dhcp manual bindings. Im not even tried yet but can somebody tell me which is right(hardware-address or client-indentifier) for Cisco IP Phones?.


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Re: hardware-address or client-indentifier

client-identifier, ad you have to add like 01 at the end.

Never got to understand what hardware-address does and why doesn't work.

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Re: hardware-address or client-indentifier

Paul, the 01 is at the end or at the begining of the mac ?.

Paul, I have one of those "nice" user that do not wat vlans in the network. Is a 25 ip phones and 30 pcs, "corportate policy" he said....

I had to convince him to use dhcp for the ip phones.

Im looking for a way to give ip addr to the ip phones only.

Because there is only one vlan I dont want the dhcp lease ips to the pcs, only for ip phones.

Manual bindings may be, but also I need some docs for dhcp class.

Can you give some ideas?.


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Re: hardware-address or client-indentifier

Too bad, users that think they know everything = big problem. You should really tell that unless phones are in vlan, it will not work.

Anyway I don't think you need class just client-identifier, do show ip dhcp server bindings you will see the correct mac format to use.

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