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Hardware Detection CD

I am trying to build a CCM on a 7845 H1 server. I need to build with OS 2000.2.6, this this is the only CD I don't seem to have out of about 200.

Does anybody know if te hardware detection CDs are download able, or . If it is possible to create one. I have a CD for OS 2000.2.6 but this does not support a 7845 and I have a 2000.2.7a that does support a 7845.

Any ideas, I am willing to try anything?


Re: Hardware Detection CD

This is the contents of the readme for the 2000.2.7:

OS_CD1_2000_2_7.iso: Hardware detection CD for all servers.

OS_DVD2_2000_2_7.iso: 5 images on DVD: MCS-7825H-2.2/3.0, MCS-7835H-2.4/3.0, MCS-7835-H1, MCS-7845H-2.4/3.0, MCS-7845-H1

OS_DVD3_2000_2_7.iso: 5 images on DVD: MCS-7815I-2.0, MCS-7815I-3.0, MCS-7825I-3.0, MCS-7835I-2.4/3.0, Dual Processor X345

OS_DVD4_2000_2_7.iso: 2 image on DVD: MCS-7835-I1 and MCS-7845-I1

win-OS-Upgrade-K9.2000_2_7.exe: OS Upgrade 2000.2.7 (web download) OS_Upgrade_CD_2000_2_7.iso: OS Upgrade 2000.2.7 (same file on CD as web download)

So if the image on DVD 2 supports the MCS-7825H-2.2/3.0.

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Re: Hardware Detection CD

Many thanks. I have found the info a while after making this posting.

Cheers again

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