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Hardware Replacement as part of 3.15 to 4.0 upgrade

We're upgrading our Unity 3.1.5 server to 4.0 this week (or hoping to :-) and during that process would also like to replace our existing aging Dell PowerEdge 2400 server with a newer Dell PowerEdge 2600 server.


1. We had thought the best approach for this might be to upgrade 3.1.5 to 4.0 in place on the existing server - then do a server-to-server migration to 4.0. Is this a good idea? If not what would be a better approach? If it is a good idea - could someone point me to the docs on how to change hardware (I assume DIRT is involved but would guess there are some designed-out steps pre-compiled somewhere so I don't get myself in trouble - it is an Integrated messaging system with Exchange 2000 off-box.

2. I am presuming in all this the 2600 is qualified for Unity - but could someone point me to the qualification page so I can check for sure?


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Re: Hardware Replacement as part of 3.15 to 4.0 upgrade

Here are the supported platforms...if you have something more recent, let me know....the Dell 2600 will support up to 2500 subscribers with off box storage.

Not sure if its the best way, but I would use DiRT to move to the 2600 then upgrade from there.

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