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HDV card doesn't start calls with g729a codec

My VOIP environment has a 3640 to a MC3810 devices, the 3810 are equiped with 3dsp cards and 6 fxs lines, I need the g729ar8 codec in order to use only half dsp per call. When i dial fram the MC3810 to the 3640 works fine. The problem is when I dial from the 3640 to the MC3810, the dsp elected is g729r8 on both devices and the full dsp is occupied at the Mc3810 side.

The HDV card is working as medium complexity and the ios release is 12.2(17).

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Re: HDV card doesn't start calls with g729a codec

what is the MC3810 IOS version?

show MC3810 dial-peer configuration, please.

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Re: HDV card doesn't start calls with g729a codec

Currently the MC3810 is running 12.2(17)and the calls from a 3810 to a 3810 works fine using only a half of the dsp.

dial-peer voice 83 voip

destination-pattern ....

session target ras

dtmf-relay cisco-rtp

codec g729ar8

ip precedence 5

no vad

sh dial-peer voice 83


information type = voice,

tag = 83, destination-pattern = `....',

answer-address = `', preference=0,

numbering Type = `unknown'

group = 83, Admin state is up, Operation state is up,

incoming called-number = `', connections/maximum = 2/unlimited,

DTMF Relay = enabled,

modem passthrough = system,

huntstop = disabled,

in bound application associated: DEFAULT

out bound application associated:

permission :both

incoming COR list:maximum capability

outgoing COR list:minimum requirement

type = voip, session-target = `ras',

technology prefix:

settle-call = disabled

ip precedence = 5, UDP checksum = disabled,

session-protocol = cisco, session-transport = udp, req-qos = best-effort,

acc-qos = best-effort,

dtmf-relay = cisco-rtp,

fax rate = voice, payload size = 20 bytes

fax protocol = system

fax-relay ecm enable

fax NSF = 0xAD0051 (default)

codec = g729ar8, payload size = 20 bytes,

Expect factor = 0, Icpif = 20,

Playout Mode is set to adaptive,

Initial 60 ms, Max 200 ms

Playout-delay Minimum mode is set to default, value 40 ms

Max Redirects = 1, signaling-type = cas,

CLID Restrict = disabled

VAD = disabled, Poor QOV Trap = disabled,

voice class perm tag = `'

Connect Time = 1037662, Charged Units = 0,

Successful Calls = 105, Failed Calls = 1, Incomplete Calls = 1

Accepted Calls = 3, Refused Calls = 0,

Last Disconnect Cause is "10 ",

Last Disconnect Text is "normal call clearing.",

Last Setup Time = 3769685.


Re: HDV card doesn't start calls with g729a codec

try adding the command 'incoming called-number .' to the voip dial peer on the 3810. This will force the router to use the configured parameters under this dial peer (G729ar8) to match on the inwards voip call that comes from the other router.

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