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Help getting started please

Hi all,

I have a 7960 which I am told is in working order, and am trying to develop a prototype application using the SDK version 4.1.1, and I'm not having much luck.

I have installed the SDK and started the CallManager Simulator on my desktop. I do not have an actual Call Manager server.

I have plugged in the phone to a network port on the same network. I have not connected the phone to a PC. When the phone boots up, the status line reads:

Configuring VLAN

Configuring IP

Requesting Configuration

TFTP Timeout

I read in the phone admin guide that the network settings can be unlocked and accessed by inputting "**#" and then hitting the "settings" key, but that does absolutely nothing on my phone, so I can't get in to try and manually configure the network settings.

I have read through the documentation and can't seem to find the step I am missing. I'm only trying at this point to develop a simple app with BTXML, but not being very familiar with the phone and CallManager, I'm not sure exactly how they talk to each other (even to the Simulator). I can't find any documentation anywhere on using the Simulator, only that it comes with the SDK.

The CallManager Simulator config parameters have my desktop IP address and "1000" as Next DN. I have put one value in the "Messages URL" field, and the "Device Load" field has a value of "P00303010106" ( I have no idea what this means).

The phone is not brand new - is it possible I have downloaded a version of the SDK that's not backward compatible with the phone?

Any help here greatly appreciated.


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