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help jtapi 7970

I developed a jtapi application that senda a xml page to phones using Terminal.sendData() when a call arrives.

This page contains Caller informations.

When the connection is disconnected the application send a xml page that is:


<ExecuteItem URL:"Softkey:Exit">


The application works correctly on all phones but not fine on 7970.

On 7970 the page pushed doesn't close itself and if more calls arrive the pushed pages stack up and don't close themSelves.

How can I make 7970 phones be have like other models?

Thanks in advance


Re: help jtapi 7970

One of the differences between the 7970/IP Communicator and some of the other phones such as the 7940/7960 is that the 7970 has a separates the services pane and call pane. The shared pane on the 7960/7940 is why a service closes when the user picks up or makes a call.

One suggestion I have is to set the expires header so that the page is not saved on the phone's history stack.

Your ExecuteItem URL is Softkey. You could try using SoftKey (notice the capital K) as per the documentation. The phones tend to be case-sensitive in XML processing, so this may help.

Another thing you could try is pushing SoftKey:Services instead of SoftKey:Exit, and see if that helps...

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