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Help Me:a challenge of VoIP

My custom request to build a large VoIP ,It include

2k-10k VoIP Gateways,support 2k to 100k users. a VoIP Engineer told me that Cisco GateKeeper and Director can't support so many GateWays.He told me the largest VoIP network is in China, and the Gateways less than 1K.But I think it's possible to build a VoIP Network with one to four Directors , twenty to eighty GateKeepers and one to four thousands VoIP GateWays, the network can support 2k to 10K users.

Please give me some advices,

Thank all

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Re: Help Me:a challenge of VoIP

I've been involved in the implementation of a Voip

network for a service provider that will presumably

scale to a few thousand CPEs (gateways).

We have 2 DGK (actually implemented by a couple

of routers in HSRP) 6 user GKs (each with an

alternate GK) to "manage" the CPEs, and 6

infrastructure GKs (again this is a fully redundant

solution with alternate GK), to manage the

infrastructure gateways (AS5300 and 5800 connected

to the PSTN).

I think the H.323 architecture is scalable enough

to support the kind of network you are talking

about. Just be wary of performance issues (calls

per second to be supported on the GK-GW) and on

the features / IOS releases. Some features which

are quite important have not been implemented yet

(as of 12.1.5T) and you'll have to wait for 12.2

hope this helps !


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