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Help please!!

I want to get an idea for the questions. please give me hints.<br><br>Some users are complaining that their MWI is coming on well after a caller leaves a message. what could be the cause?<br>a. No dedicated MWI dialout port<br>b. Time set on server is wrong<br>c. The link on the exchange server is disrupted<br>d. All of the above<br><br>An administrator creates a call handler that will transfer to a certain phone number. For some reason it is transfering to the greeting of the handler instead of the phone number. which area would you check?<br>a. Calling search space<br>b. transfer rule applies to<br>c. transfer incoming calls<br>d. restriction table<br>e. A,B, and D<br>f. B, C, and D<br>g. all of the above<br>h. None of the ablve<br><br>A user reports that he was being cut off after leaving a message for five seconds. which of the following questions would not provide any useful information about the nature of the problem?<br>a. Does it happen when you are trying to leave a message with other subscribers?<br>b. how often does this happen?<br>c. does it only occur when calls come in from the PSTN?<br>d. what time of the day does this happen?<br><br>What is the maximum amount of routing tables that cab be created for each tables?<br>a. 25<br>b. 20<br>c. 40<br>d. 50<br><br>what is the minimum version of TSP you can use with Unity 3.0 and callmanager 3.1?<br>a.<br>b.<br>c.<br>d.<br><br>If you make any changes to the IIS after a restore, you should,<br>a. Restart the Unity service<br>b. Restart the IIS service<br>c. Restart the WWW publishing service<br>d. Restart the Unity server<br><br>The default routing rules are<br>a. Attempt sign-in<br>b. live record<br>c. default call handler<br>d. attempt forward to greeting<br>e. A and B<br>f. All of the above<br>g. None of the above<br><br>Which of the following troubleshooting tools can be used with Unity?<br>a. Status monitor<br>b. SA<br>c. AA<br>d. A and C<br>e. A and B<br>f. B and C<br>g. All of the above<br><br>Which utility let you change the default call handler?<br>a. Dohproptest.exe<br>b. Syscheck.exe<br>c. Unity SA>Call handlers<br>d. AvRulerEditor.exe<br><br>A user complains that the VM system does not notify them when they have an urgent voice mail to their pager. what could be one of the causes?<br>a. Class of service<br>b. Restriction table<br>c. Calling search space<br>d. All of the above<br><br>what is the recommended number if MWI port to answer call ports ratio is:<br>a. 1 to 10<br>b. 2 to 10<br>c. 3 to 10<br>d. 4 to 10<br><br>


Re: Help please!!

Sorry folks, I'm going to have to shut down these threads where folks are just posting lists of test questions word for word and looking for answers. I haven't had to do this in the 2+ years the forum has been operating and I hate to do it but I don't have much choice, it's getting abused a bit much lately.

With the new tests coming out the folks that write, administer and enforce these tests are getting very annoyed with folks posting questions word for word right off the exams. I don't really want to bang heads with folks internal and external to Cisco that are unhappy with this practice and I kinda have to agree it's not good style to just post big chunks of the tests and fish for answers. That's not the point of these tests, you're supposed to get trained up and understand the product to the point where you can answer these and/or know where to find the information (i.e. the installation guide, administration guide, release notes, Exchange books etc...).

I'm getting flooded with emails with these types of questions as well (several folks sent me entire tests they wanted me to "grade" for them! Not cool...). I wont respond to those either, so please stop.

As such I'm just going to have to start deleting these posts that dump test questions right off the exam. I'll notify the poster if they have an email address out here, of course.

If folks post questions phrased for general information ONE AT A TIME (i.e. it's not dropped word for word off the exam) I'll try and help out with general explanations to help you out (i.e. so you know WHY the answer is "X" and not just memorize it). Any questions out here that include multiple choice answers, are pulled right off the test or the like will be removed from the forum at this point moving forward.

thanks for your understanding on the issue.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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