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Help with an after hours solution

I have a customer that used one main line for all incoming calls and a night button on their legacy phone system. After hours, they would press the night button and all after hours calls would got to the after hours mailbox, then page the on-call account rep if a message was left.

The customer now has an AVVID solution with outside direct dial to its account managers. This enables the customer's clients to call their rep directly instead of calling a main number and then getting transfered to their rep. However, this company is a 24/7 production facility and when a client calls their rep after hours the system needs to be able to notify the on-call representative of a production request. Right now the system notifies the mailbox owner of the message, and the mailbox owner notifies the on-call person.

What the company would like to do is have an on-call mailbox that all of the account reps forward their phone to when they leave the office for the day. This way if the customer calls the rep after he/she has gone home for the day, the customer could leave a message and the on-call person is notified. I have tried creating an after hours mailbox that would do this, but the called subscriber's voicemail always answers instead of the after hours mailbox.

Does anyone have a suggestion that I could try to make this happen?

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Re: Help with an after hours solution

Can you explain a little more about how you have your after hours mailbox setup and how calls are getting routed into the system that you _want_ to go to this box but are instead going to the subscriber's boxes? It's difficult for me to understand what, exactly, you're trying to do here with the call routing and notification.

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Re: Help with an after hours solution

In each office, they have about 10-15 account reps. At night, and on the weekends one of those reps is on call. Our customer has created an "on-call" mail box for each of their offices. Their thinking behind this is to have the sales person forward their phone to the on-call mailbox when they leave for the day. If the account rep were to recieve a call after hours (they take orders 24 hours a day), then the call will be forwarded to the on-call mailbox, which is set up to page the on-call person to notify them of the new order.

What is happening now, is that the rep forwards their phone to the on-call mailbox extension. But, instead of hearing that extensions greeting and the sytem paging the on-call person the orginal dialed subscriber's greeting is played and that sales person is paged.

This is what the customer would like to have happen.

1)Customer ---(calls account rep's direct dial extension after hours)--->2)Sales rep has phone forwarded to on-call mailbox---->3)On call greeting takes message----->4)Unity notifies on call person of message.

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