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New Member

Help with CiscoIPPhoneExecute Tag

I several questions on this, hoping that you will give me a clue...

1. Initially I thought a message could not be push to multiple IP phones, however, I refer to a cisco partnership company website (I thin it's called where they are able to do the mssg broadcasting under one of their IP telephony services applications. I am wondering if anybody know how to do this. I have a user registered in CM which has all devices associated to it. But, what IP addr should I put to following action if I want it to do broadcasting?

action="<IP addr of IP Phone>/CGI/Execute">

I have tried using (I read it from somewhere else)but it has failed.

2. Can I have more than one <ExecuteItem> within the tag <CiscoIPPhoneExecute> and </CiscoIPPhoneExecute>? If it is possible, when should we add more than one and what will happen to the IP Phone?

3. I am trying to let the user sending their message to IP phone via a simple HTML push application using CiscoIPPhoneExecute XML Parser. I am wondering is there any restriction on how many character that the http:<ip phone addr>/CGI/Execute can accept? I can only submit up to 50 characters and whenever I sent more than that, let it be 51 characters, it prompt me <CiscoIPPhoneError Number="1" />

4. After submitting the message the next html page shows me


The XML page cannot be displayed

Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.


Invalid xml declaration. Line 1, Position 46

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?><?xml version="1.0"?>



while the IP phone screen displays user input (again, it is only up to 50 character) correctly. Could I know how to eliminate this because it is quite annoying.

Thanks for any suggestion and explaination.

New Member

Re: Help with CiscoIPPhoneExecute Tag

1. You have to specify the IP address of a specific device (phone). Berbee actually post to each individual phone. They have done the legwork to make this possible for their application.

2. You can have up to three execute items in a execute object. There are restrictions and this is documented.


Just read the "Note" section...

3. The URL can be something like 255 characters in length. I would guess that it is the character that you are adding is the problem because the Error number 1 is a parser error. If you put a & in a URL field it must be "&". The XML escape sequences are documented in our documentation as well as the XML 1.0 standard.


4. Us outputting the two headers may be a bug. A DDTS will be opened on this.

Don't fully understand what is being said here. The User Input allows the input of a finite number of characters. It is a phone and not a data entry terminal. More specifics would help in understanding what you are trying to accomplish and if the device is behaving as intended.

New Member

Re: Help with CiscoIPPhoneExecute Tag

Thanks for your reply but I have further questions on your answer.

1. What do you mean by 'legwork' ?

3. I try to put "&" instead of just & but it doesn't work , I think it was because that there are 2 pairs of quote (") using in the codes - a nested quote pair (<......value="........."&"......">) , pls have a look



Click "Back" To Modify Your Message"

4. What is DDTS?

Thanks a lot

New Member

Re: Help with CiscoIPPhoneExecute Tag

1. By legwork, I mean that they have accepted that they would need to post to each individual phone, and developed a way to execute this when there are multiple IP phones to post the same message.

3.If you put a & in a URL field it must be "& amp ; " (Please remove the spaces between the quotes, as html formatting makes that look like "&" without the spaces). The XML escape sequences are documented in our documentation as well as the XML 1.0 standard.

4.ddts is a method by which we keep track of defects in our software.

New Member

Re: Help with CiscoIPPhoneExecute Tag

I have tried using the "& amp ;", but it's still prompting me IPPhoneerror #1,

the following is my complete coding

<%@ language="javascript" %>


var counter = 0

function toStr(notstr){

counter = 0

var str1 = new String(notstr)

var txt = str1

len = str1.length

//A loop which to replace the space with delimiter ||




if (pos==32){

counter = counter + 1




return txt




a =Request.Form("fname")

b =Request.Form("tname")

c =Request.Form("username")

d =Request.Form("pwd")

a = toStr(a)

a = new String(a)


b = toStr(b)

b = new String(b)



Your Message :


http://x.x.x.x/CiscoServices/testMessage.asp?Mssg=<%=b%>"& amp ;"Mssg1=<%=a%>'/>


Click "Back" To Modify Your Message"

P/S: As you know, pls consider the spaces between the quotes are removed.

As mentioned above, it doesn't working.

I also tried to

1) include & amp ; without quotes,

URL='http://x.x.x.x/CiscoServices/testMessage.asp?Mssg=<%=b%>& amp ;Mssg1=<%=a%>'/>

2) inverse the quotes so the input tag becomes

not working as well.

Pls correct me if I did anything wrong.