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High CPU Utilization - AV Services

Unity 3.1 installed on W2K Server SP2 with Exchange 2000 SP2 with serial integration to a Nortel Meridian PBX - System will operate without problem and with "normal" utilization levels for 6 or more hours at a time. CPU utilization will then max out, with AV services accounting for 95+% of the load.

Whether CPU utilization is high or not, system will sometimes not answer call until the third or fourth ring (ports free), and Opening Greeting will start 4 to 15 seconds after answer. Ideas??

Cisco Employee

Re: High CPU Utilization - AV Services

You might see these two defects

GAEN takes 100% of CPU time when lots of errors reported in EventLog

AvGaenSvr: Sends cpu usage to 100%

New Member

Re: High CPU Utilization - AV Services

What service is it in task manager? Usually we see the AvGaenSvr do this when it hits upon a corrupt event log. Unless you're using the Event Notification Utility, you can safely disable this service. If you try to kill it on a running system, usually the AvCsMgr picks up the high CPU. The only thing to do then is simply reboot the system.

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Re: High CPU Utilization - AV Services

As far as the delay in the opening greeting:

Make sure that you have extension numbers assigned to your individual. Before we assigned the numbers at the ports we were the same delay with calls coming from our PBX

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