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How can echo be introduced on an ip phone to ip phone call?

We are have a problem with echo being intorduced on ip phone to ip phone calls. Most of the time they are on the same LAN. My understanding is that is this situation the echo can only be intoduced by the handset or speaker. Is this true? What is the best way to elliminate this type of echo?


Re: How can echo be introduced on an ip phone to ip phone call?

The bearer path used an ip phone

to ip phones is rtp/udp/ip and hence digital

which mean no leak can occur.

However Acoustic echo is a major concern for

handsfree speakerphone terminals. The air

(and the terminal plastics) provides mechanical

or acoustical coupling between the

loudspeaker and the microphone. Speakerphone

manufacturers combat this with good acoustic design

of terminals, directional microphones, and acoustic

echo cancellers/suppressors in the terminal. However,

this is a very difficult problem, and speakerphones

are inherently poor in terms of echo.

The echo is probably introduce becaue you're using spearker phone

in a noisy area i.e a lab envirnoment.

try to call, using the handset and see what happens. Also if the phone

you're calling is not too far way from each other and one end is using speaker phone,

the echo would probably be a lot irritating ( louder).

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