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How can I build a VOIP SMALL LAB?

Thanks.....My budget is low.....

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Re: How can I build a VOIP SMALL LAB?


I'm guessing you mean for the CCIE lab? It really depends how comfortable you are with various parts of the exam blueprint..

You will need at least a few phones - I'd recommend you really need 7960s, and say three or four... hopefully you can borrow these as you don't often find them 'cheap'...

You'll also need a switch (doesn't need to be PoE if you have the power cubes for the phones), and ideally a couple of routers (one should be SRST capable, both should have some voice interfaces) to simulate a WAN...

You'll need a couple of servers - for this it's common to use VMWare (VMWare have a free product named VMWare Server which is great, use that) around for how to get CM running in a VM, the info is out there. Unity is simpler to get running (or at least the same as running on a real server).

You'll also need to run IPCC, I ran this co-located on the CM VM.

You get a version of IPCC Standard when you order the eval kit for CM4.0 (part no CM4.0-K9-NFR=), Unity demo kit is (UNITY4-DEMO-10USR).

Important things to concentrate on are the core products and all the features that are available; some of the more obscure hardware from the Lab Blueprint aren't easy to get hold of but are worth getting experience on - some companies out there have remote labs so maybe these are worth trying (it will be cheaper than spending $$$$ on a 6500 with a 6608 for example).



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Re: How can I build a VOIP SMALL LAB?


I am to interesting about it, so

Two questions,

1.- We can install CCM over 2 or 3 PC and use a router switch power in line ( spare ), and create a segment on 6500 to test mode.?

2.- Or instal CCM on just one MC and VM on PC for wan we use a segment from 6500, separate power in line switch?


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