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How can i convert 7912 SIP IP Phone to SCCP


I am have few ip phones which are currently SIP phone and i wanna convert these phones to SCCP.

I was able to succefully convert the 7940 and 7960 to SCCP

I am unable to convert the 7912 sip phones to sccp .i need some help guys

I would appreciate if u guys can gimme a prompt response.




Re: How can i convert 7912 SIP IP Phone to SCCP

For "Converting an In-Use Phone from SIP to SCCP," instead of following the steps provided in the administration guide, follow the steps below:

1. In Cisco Unified Callmanager Administration, choose Device > Phone.

2. Click on the existing SIP phone that you want to convert to SCCP.

3. In Phone Configuration page, enter the SCCP image name for the phone model in the Phone Load Name field.


Note You can view a list of the default image names for all phone models by choosing Device > Device Settings > Device Defaults in Cisco Unified CallManager Administration.


4. Click Save.


Note A pop-up window will tell you to reset the phone for the changes to apply.


5. Click Reset.

6. In the Device Reset page, click Reset, then click Close.


Note The phone will reboot and upgrade to the SCCP image. When the phone completes the reboot process, the message "Registration Rejected" appears. Do not proceed until this message appears.


7. Click Delete to remove the SIP phone configuration from Cisco Unified CallManager.

8. Perform a factory reset on the phone:

8a. Press the MENU button.

8b. Press **2

8c. When you receive the prompt: "Do you want to reset all system settings to default values?", press the Yes softkey.

(taken from cco documentation)

see this link for more info:

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Re: How can i convert 7912 SIP IP Phone to SCCP

Hi Thanks for the response,

but the 7912 SIP phone is not registered to the call manager and also its not registering .

actually the phones wer used in some other set up..

is there anyway i cant make this sip phone register to my call manager..

please advise

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Re: How can i convert 7912 SIP IP Phone to SCCP

Try unlocking the config mode on the phone itself. There is a DIFFERENT process on the SIP phones depending on whether you are using CCM 4.1 or CCM 4.2. Then try resetting it to factory. Here is a link to unlocking the Config Mode:

Also, you could try the following:

1. There is an UNDOCUMENTED procedure on resetting IP phones to Factory (as far as I know?......although this might be listed in TAC Case Collection?) Anyway, follow these steps first:

1) Power off the phone

2) Hold down the '#'.

3) While holding '#', connect an AC adaptor to the phone or connect back to the switch if you have PoE

4) Continue to hold '#' until the line buttons blink amber.

5) Release the '#' key.

6) Enter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 * 0 #

7) The lights should change color from amber to red. The phone is now resetting to factory

defaults. On newer loads it will ask you if you want to reset to factory defaults, answer yes.

Then, try modifying the SIP config using your TFTP server. Here is a link with the steps:

Hope this helps...........

(That "Authentication Failed" can also mean those phones are TOAST and NOT recoverable!)

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Re: How can i convert 7912 SIP IP Phone to SCCP

We bought several 7912 phones from a reseller and found that some of the phones come up with AUTO-REG in the upper right hand corner.  They will not load the Call Manger configuration I set.  I have reset the Phones to the Default configuration but nothing changes.  I am assuming that the phones are set up for SIP, and would like to change them to SCCP.  I know it is a firmware issue, but how do I load my firmware.

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Re: How can i convert 7912 SIP IP Phone to SCCP

The phones do look for a binary configuration file that can be prepared using a Cisco tool.

If you are willing to go down the full process, search forum on 7912 for details, or ask again.

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I configured a 7912 as SIP

I configured a 7912 as SIP then changed my mind after not getting the options I wanted for the display on the phone (specifically, SIP didn't give me Line Text Label or External Phone Number Mask). When I tried to delete the phone and set it up anew as SCCP, the display on the phone showed AUTO-REG and I was unable to get into the menus successfully.

I ended up deleting the SCCP config from CUCM, then re-creating the phone as SIP in CUCM. After I was finished, the phone was again responsive. I was then able to follow gpulos instructions and now the phone is setup and working as SCCP.

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