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How can I get a VOIP point to point PLAR to work from an FXS card to a PRI T1 DS0?

We have a lab set up with 2 3660 routers loaded with 12.2(6.7). We are trying to get a PLAR circuit to work with an FXS card on 1 going to a PRI T1 DS0 on the other. They are both set for

connection plar. We are able to ping both ways. Dial peers for voip and pots are correct, but the PRI T1 side phone will not go off hook and ring the FXS side. When going off hook on the FXS side, you get ring back, but the PRI T1 side does not ring. Can someone please help?


Re: How can I get a VOIP point to point PLAR to work from an FXS

1. If you have a phone connected to a pbx and plar between the router T1 DSO TO THE REMOTE FXS.

then when you pick up the ananlog fxs phone on remote side , you should get a dial-tone from the pbx.

2. If a call comes into the PBX and hit the DSO-port configured for fxo singnalling, analog phone fxs should ring.

That the way its supported, if you expect any other behaviour other than the one

described, I afraid that wont be possible.

Please see url below.

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