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How do I pass incoming calls X6608 T1 PRI to Unity from Callmanager?

I have CM 3.06 and Unity 2.4.5 on separate W2K servers. There is a Catalyst 6006 with both a VG200 with 2 analog lines connected and a X6608-T1 with one T1 PRI connected.

I have successfully configured the VG200 to pass all incoming calls to Unity simply by setting the "AttendantDN" in each gateway to the Unity pilot DN. THis is working fine, and the 7960 IP phones can dial out on the analog lines and receive external calls.

I am now trying to do the same thing for the T1 PRI and cannot see where to set it, as the gateway setup for the 6608 ports in CallManager is completely different to that of the VG200 ports.

If anyone can point me to the documentation that covers this type of setup or advise me where to look in CallManager and/or the 6006 I'd greatly appreciate it.


Daniel Salzedo.

Cisco Employee

Re: How do I pass incoming calls X6608 T1 PRI to Unity from Call

Are you saying that on all calls coming in on the 6608-T1 card, that regardless of what the actual number called, you want the call to go to your Unity system? If that is the case, one way to do it is this... it's not the only way.

On the gateway config page for the PRI:

Set Num Digits to 0

Check the Sig Digits

Set Prefix DN to 1234

Where 1234 is the number where you want all incoming calls to go.

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