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How do you handle 911 calls in a VoIP arena?

Obviously since the phone might exist on a set of DID numbers that point to a physical address, how do you handle the fact that phones can go with the user anywhere... including remotely over VPNs or private networks?

Just block it?

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Re: How do you handle 911 calls in a VoIP arena?

You must emplore a Signaling Gateway, that bridges the gap for your VoIP gateway and the TDM (Usually via a Softswitch)

By deploying a Signaling Gateway between the VoIP gateway and the 911 tandem, the 911 call can be directed by the MGC (or service control platform) to the appropriate 911 tandem. By establishing a clear path using a distinct IP address and UDP port, the Signalin Gateway communicates with the media gateway and associated call control messages from the MGC over IP. A Signaling Gateway takes the IP connection control messages associated with E911 call and incoming E911 bearer traffic, and transforms them into MF R1 to make them appear completely transparent to the 911 tandem.

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