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How many MCS are required for a network with 250ip phones MOH and Unity

Ok you have a publisher and a subscriber that takes care of redundancy with failover which is justifiable.Now what if you want music on hold do you have to buy another IBM or Compaq server ? Do you have to buy callmanager again for this box as you wouldnt run it on the pub or sub?.I understand there are different weightings for devices in callmanager

and depending on cpu speed and ram is the limiting factor .Basically I want to know what services (1) mcs can handle before being overloaded an unable to process all calls ie:pda ivr 4port etc on a p3 500 7830 with 512mb ram.One more question can Music on hold be run on any box or does it have to be 1 of the above mentioned (compaq,ibm) with callmanager software installed.

Cisco Employee

Re: How many MCS are required for a network with 250ip phones MO

A server running Music On Hold needs to be any of the approved servers for Cisco CallManager 3.1. And it does not have to be dedicated to providing MOH. In the configuration you describe, a good way to handle this would be to have the publisher handle all the web admin including CCMAdmin and CCMUser, be the TFTP server, and the [primary] MOH source.

With 250 phones, I would recommend using Multicast MOH if at all possible to limit the number of simultaneous streams that the server will send out. But you need to be careful with which gateways you select, since only a couple of the gateways currently support a multicast address for the MOH source. More are coming later in the year.

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