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How many route filters per partition?

Hi - I'm troubleshooting a route plan on a live network, CCM 3.1(3a)spF, and there are just a couple of questions left before I go off to fix things.

First - we have a partition that has "8.@" routed, and then two filters applied, blocking different things, like:

8.@ --- std partition --- <no filter> --- RouteList

8.@ --- std partition --- block high risk --- RouteList

8.@ --- std partition --- block international --- RouteList

The 'high risk' blocking filter works, but callers can dial international. I know you can only use one "@" in a pattern, and I'm wondering if you are only allowed one blocking filter. In this case, I'd just combine 'high risk' and 'international' into one filter. Both filters are configured properly and the route pattern is set to block.

The other question is to verify that you can do the following:

8.@ --- lcl partition --- Route local, toll free --- RouteList

8.@ --- lcl partition --- block 900 a/c --- RouteList

In other words, there is no wild card route, just a permit specified patterns plus a block specified patterns.

Thanks in advance,



Re: How many route filters per partition?

Okay, I'm not sure of any theoretical limits to number of router filters per partition, but I don't see anything blatantly wrong. I would have one suggestion to check.

You obviously have multiple partitions and your partitions are in your Calling Search Spaces. The call will try to match the route pattern in the first partition in the CSS. If it finds a match in that partition, it does not check any other partitions for best match. Can this be an issue for you? Please see the link below for more information.


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Re: How many route filters per partition?

I just checked the CSS (again), and the route patterns (again). The "std" partition is first in the list, and there are no matches in the other partitions at all for international dial. Also, one filter is blocking correctly, and the other isn't - both filters apply only to that partition.

The "block international" filter is not what I would have configured - it has {I_Direct_Dial EXISTS i_Operator EXISTS I_Access EXISTS Transit_Net_Esc EXISTS}.

I would have settled for {I_Access EXISTS}, but it should still work. Maybe the redundant conditions are confusing CCM?

Anyway, you say that multiple filters on the same pattern is okay?

Also, I thought CCM picked the closest match from all partitions in the CSS, and only uses search order if there is a equal match in two partitions. That's what the doc says.

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