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How to add/activate Export Phones Templates in BAT?

How can I add and activate customized templates in BAT 5.1(3)for the Export Phones function?

Normally only two templates are available, ie "All Phone Details" and "Default Phone", but i want to add my own if possible. Which (special) procedure do I need to follow?

Is a description regarding BAT Templates available?


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Re: How to add/activate Export Phones Templates in BAT?

Hi Eric,

Have a look at the information below (*Note Step 5):

Bulk Administration Tool User Guide, Release 5.1(4)

Working with the Export Utility

In the File Format Name field, choose either the Default Phone or All Phone Details file format. Your choice determines the export option and sets the appropriate export option radio button.

•For All Phone Details file format, choose the type of device or specific model in the Model list box under the All Details radio button.

•For Default Phone file format, choose the type of device or specific model in the Model list box under the Specific Details radio button.

*Step 5 You can customize the export file by choosing which set of phones to export, "but the phone details are not configurable". Choose from the following fields:

a. Enter the number of lines for this phone model.

b. In the first drop-down list box, choose the field to query such as Device Name or Location.

c. In the second drop-down list box, choose the search criteria such as begins with, contains, or is empty.

d. In the search field/list box, either choose or enter the value that you want to locate, such as a device name.

e. To add the defined filter to the query, click Add To Query. You can click AND or OR to add multiple filters and repeat Substep b. through Substep d. to further define your query.

f. If you make a mistake, click the Clear Query button to remove the query; then, return to Substep b. and restart.

g. To verify that the exported records are correct, click View Query Result.

From this doc:

Using BAT Templates

As the first task in the BAT configuration process, you set up a template for the devices that you are configuring. You specify the type of phone or device that you want to add or modify, and then you create a BAT template that has features that are common to all the phones or devices in that bulk transaction.

You can create BAT templates for the following types of device options:

•Phones: All Cisco IP Phone models and Cisco ATA 186, Cisco VGC phones, CTI ports, and H.323 clients.

•Gateways: Cisco VG200 and ports for the Cisco Catalyst 6000 FXS Analog Interface Module

•User Device Profiles: Cisco IP Phone 7900 series and Cisco SoftPhone

Define a BAT template by specifying values in the template fields that will be common to all the devices in the bulk transaction. The BAT template fields require similar values to those that you enter when you are adding a device in Cisco CallManager Administration.

Prior to creating the BAT template, make sure settings such as device pools, locations, calling search spaces, button templates, and softkey templates have already been configured in Cisco CallManager Administration. You cannot use BAT to create new settings or button templates in Cisco CallManager Administration.

After you create a BAT template, you save it with a name. Later in the configuration process, you associate the template name with the CSV data file. The system stores the templates, so they are reusable for future bulk transactions. For example, you can configure a Cisco IP Phone 7960 template with a specific button template and calling search space and then configure another Cisco IP Phone 7960 template with a different button template and the Extension Mobility feature enabled. When you need to add a large number of phones with the same configuration, you can reuse the existing BAT template.

From this doc:

Hope this helps!


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