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How to Add New Phones - Cisco 7945 - To environment

I working with CUCM Version / Cisco MCS 7800 Series Media Convergence Server.

I would like help to do the following :

(1) How do I locate / find within the system - a list of unsed extension / phone numbers - that I can assign out.

(2) I just got a 20 new phones and would like to know how do I go about adding these phones in the system and then get them assigned with actual telephone numbers / extensions.

Thaks in advance for your comments and help.

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How to Add New Phones - Cisco 7945 - To environment

1 CUCM has no idea of what range you have, want to assign, etc. so no, it will only tell you what you have configured.

2 CUCM documentation has all such info, either online, or help -> for this page on the server.

Device -> phone -> add new, fill in the blanks, save, click on Add DN on left hand side, fill in the blanks, save.



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How to Add New Phones - Cisco 7945 - To environment

Jaime, thanks for your time and info. - I have inherited this system that's the reason why I do not know what ranges are configured on the system, and you are correct I only want to know what is configured - is there docs on this process that you are aware of?

Have you ever done a Supercopy before and or a Copy of an existing phone config in the CUCM? If so what are the advantages and disadvantages.

Thanks again for your infomative and positive feedback.

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How to Add New Phones - Cisco 7945 - To environment

Hi Val,

I'll just add a couple of notes to the good info from Java (+5 "J")

To find the currently assigned numbers;

From CUCM admin try Call Routing > Route Plan Report and once it loads

up look at the top right hand corner of the page for "View in File" this will allow

you to save a copy in .csv format that shows all current DN's

Super-copy is pretty fast and you could certainly add 20 7945's in less

than an hour. Build the first one with meticulous detail and then when you super-copy

the other 19 there will be minimal changes (DN,name,description,CSS) to be done.



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How to Add New Phones - Cisco 7945 - To environment

I've seen people in your similar situation (untrained/unexperienced) unassign dn's as you have attrition/movement.  Then you can make use of Rob's route plan report but selecting unassigned dn's.  That way you have a list of 'unused numbers' (assuming a dn is added for every available DID).  It requires too much admin carefulness to be relied upon imho though but your mileage may vary.

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