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How to choose NT/TE on NM-HDV-2E1 Module

Hi there!

For a voice migration project, we plan to put a 2651 in between the provider and the old PBX. For that we use a HDV Module with a dual E1 PRI card. Actually, I set up the lab with ccm3.1 and the 2651. The provider an d the PBX is simulated by two TREND ISDN analyzers. The settings of my HDV ist "User" on the provider side and "network" on the PBX side. Thats were my troubles start! The PBX is only working, when set the PBX (so the TREND) interface to "NT". I expected, that it should be "TE" as the 2651 simulates the network. Does anybody have experience with this kind of problem? A part of this, everything is working fine.

Thanks for your support!



Re: How to choose NT/TE on NM-HDV-2E1 Module

we have same/similar problem, we have set the router to emulate network end (ie A-end) and pbx as user end (ie B-end) this works but we get slips on the link (showing on the pbx), we tried changing the config around so that router is B-end and pbx is A-end now the link shows as up and no more slips but cannot make any calls over the link

if any one has any ideas please let me know


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Re: How to choose NT/TE on NM-HDV-2E1 Module

Thanks for that Dave!

If I look at the traffic, then I don't bring up the ISDN Layer (Q.921). It seems to me, as if the router (configured as "network") does not send any Q.921 messages out of the interface. What kind of PBX do you use?



Re: How to choose NT/TE on NM-HDV-2E1 Module

we have a mitel sx2000, the link is a dpnss/qsig link that has dpnss to qsig converters, our link comes up and we can make calls, with the router as network end but when we change it to user then we cannot make calls

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