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How to cleanup display after service request

Hi all, I'm using the object CiscoIPPhoneStatusFile for put an image in the phone's "background". I want also to change the image every n seconds.

I use the idle url for make the request by the phone and I can't use the execute object.

When I use the CiscoIPPhoneStatusFile it put correcty my image on the phone but open also the service menu (I have to exit from service to see image).

Thare's a way to call trought idle url the page and after close automatically the service page when the image is loaded?

P.S. I see that if I call the CiscoIPPhoneStatusFile with the execute object no service page are opened on the phone so I can change the image on the phone without user interaction.

But in my case the phone are in LAN and the xml service are on the internet so I can't access in http on the phone.

Thanks Enrico.


Re: How to cleanup display after service request

That becomes a deployment problem then, not really a development problem. You need a proxy where you can send your requests to and which translates your requests.. e.g. from http://some-internal-server/myservice/servicepage.jsp to http://some-external-server/myservice/servicepage.jsp

I'm not 100% sure you can do it since the product is very new to me but I recently set up something like that for just the reverse application (give external access to just one server and address on an internal server) using Microsoft's ISA Server 2006. I'm sure there are other products out there - it's been a while but I think our partner runs some freeware tool that proxies our number lookup requests since phones also don't have direct Internet access but our caller identification application needs some way of accessing the internet to look up caller numbers.

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Re: How to cleanup display after service request

We are doing something similar in PhoneTop Messenger, where you can create a series of text and PNG images and have them rotate on phone screen after predefined time intervals and use them as Idle URL. We are using CiscoIPPhoneExecute and refresh header to rotate images. To clear the phone screen you can use "Key:Services" within execute object.

Re: How to cleanup display after service request

Or Init:AppStatus which is the more appropriate way seeing as if somebody closes the the app pushing a Key:Services would launch the service menu.

With the newer loads there's an even more proper way of doing things with the app uris.. you give your application an app id and tell the phone to kill that app. If it's not running it won't do anything, if another app is running it won't be touched either. However, that requires the 8.3.5+ firmware so the old phones are definitely out (they might support Init:AppStatus though).

Back in the day I always used Key:Services, nowadays I use at least Init:AppStatus and the main reason I'm not always using the new URIs is that I use the IPC for testing.. and it doesn't support the new URIs. However, that might no longer be a factor with the 7.0 release but I haven't verified that yet.

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Re: How to cleanup display after service request

I can't use "execute" object because I'm not in lan with the phone and I don't have http access directly to it.

The request can only start by the phone.

I'm finding one solution like this: after the phone request the server response with "ipphonestatusfile" object and when the phone receive the response it invoke a second method for clean his display like "key:services".

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