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How to config ATA186

Hi All,

I have some ATA186 in different locations. All Sites are connected to Internet and have some spare IPs to provide it to ATAs. I go through by documentations for configuring ATA but still have some confusions about it.

Queries are:

1- ATA needs Call Manager or Gatekeeper to route the call ??

2- If i want to use GK (3640) what config do i need to do for ATA186??

3- Can we do direct call routing from ATA to ATA ??

4- I can't find any option in Web config to define a number to ATA ??

Waiting for reply. Thanks in advance

Community Member

Re: How to config ATA186

You can use CM, a Gatekeeper, or H323. If you don't have GK configured on the 3640, you can use H323. Just need to install the correct firmware on the ATA. I recommend updating to the latest anyway.

You should be able to dial directly between the ATAs using IP addresses, but I've never done it. I have several ATAs that only dial another ATA, so I just pointed all of their H323 gateways at the central one. Works fine, but thye can't call anywhere else.

By assigning a number, I assume the local phone number? Try the UID0 and UID1.

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Re: How to config ATA186

It really helped me thanks. My Scenario is to route the calls through GK (3640).

In the configuration of ATA186 i only have 1 Default IP route option. so i will put IP of Gk there and all calls will be routed to GK and then GK will select the destination on the basis of zone-prefix?? please correct me if i am wrong. Thanks

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