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how to configure ex90 for use with polycom resource manager GAB

My customer has a Polycom infrastructure, including using Resource Manager for the GAB server. I also have several Cisco endpoints deployed (EX90 and C40) and I need to get these units configured to use the GAB. Polycom documentation sucks and only says:

1. At the endpoint, enter the information required for directory set up including the Polycom Global Address Book/RealPresence Resource Manager system IP address and the path.

For example, http://<RPRM_IP_ADDRESS>/TMS/Public/external/phonebook/PhoneBookService.asmx.

To do this on Cisco endpoints, go to System Configuration> Phone Book Server.

2. Wait for the connections to take effect

When I go to the EX90 phone book server setup page, I only have ID, Type and URL fields. The type field has a drop down that only has Cisco options available (VCS, TMS, Callway and CUCM)

No matter what combination I use, I haven't been able to get the EX90 to pickup the Polycom directory.

Any suggestions? Thanks

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Select the TMS option, ID set

Select the TMS option, ID set to 1, URL is correct.


That should fix it for you.


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Has anyone gotten a Cisco

Has anyone gotten a Cisco unit to get phonebooks from a Polycom system through a firewall and/or NAT? 

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doesn't work for me :(

doesn't work for me :(


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What happens when you try

What happens when you try that URL (http://<RPRM_IP_ADDRESS>/TMS/Public/external/phonebook/PhoneBookService.asmx) from a Web Browser - do you see anything, or get an error?

You'll need to make sure that's accessible first before trying to configure your endpoints to use it.

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Hi Wayne,

Hi Wayne,

I have a similar problem and I get this in my browser: 

Status Code:405

The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the requested resource (HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL).


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