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How to connect IVR to Call Manager


I am running into some major problems trying to connect IVR to Call Manager.

Our client is using analog-port IVR, and he would like to connect that IVR to their call manager installation.

I have no trouble connecting IVR's ports via H.323 or MGCP gateways; however, I cannot implement ACD-like configuration, where a call would be routed to a particular DN from where it would be diverted to an available IVR port.

At first, I was thinking about using ICD, where I would queue the calls on a route point, and register all IVR ports as ICD agents. With this kind of approach, I could not get ICD to see IVR ports connected via a gateway.

Even when I used MGCP gateway and had DN assigned to each port, ICD's recource manager would not see the device! I have no trouble login in as ICD agent for a phone connected directly to Call Manager, but I cannot login to a phone connected via a VoIP gateway.

Can someone tell me if there is a way to connect IVR to Call Manager and be able to:

1. Track the state of IVR ports

2. Queue the call when all IVR ports are busy.

Someone told me that VG200 would be able to do it, but I do not think so...

I would appreciate your help with this problem.



New Member

Re: How to connect IVR to Call Manager


What kind of IVR are you using? We recently did a TDM IVR installation with a Call Manager for a client of ours. We actually used a VG200 to connect with the IVR via analog cards on the IVR, but you could do the same with a channel bank.

The problem is that the IVR does not get any data off of the analog lines (DNIS, DN, etc.) coming off of the VG200. So what we did was create a hunt group (forward on busy) off of the CallManager for the IVR port DN's and had the last DN point to a JTAPI Trigger.

New Member

Re: How to connect IVR to Call Manager

Thank you for your reply.

Let me try the hunt group and see how it works.

But don't you need Unity for it?

Is there a way to connect IVR to Call Manager without it?

All I want to do is be able to queue calls if all IVR ports are busy, where IVR is connected via a gateway.

Also, what does JTAPI trigger do? Did you program yourself?

So far, I tried using ICD to transfer the calls to gateway , but the problem was that ICD does not allow DN's registered via gateway to be ICD agents, so we got stuck. If we can use a hunt group and get it working, it would be great.

Will follow up on our hunt group attempt. In the meantime, can you please tell me what JTAPI trigger does?



New Member

Re: How to connect IVR to Call Manager

You shouldn't need Unity to create your linear hunt group on the CallManager. When you want to send a call to your IVR off of the CallManager, just point it to the first DN associated with the 1st port of the IVR and if the CallManager detects a busy have it forward it on to the 2nd DN associated with the 2nd port and so on. If the last DN associated with the last port of the IVR is also busy have that forwarded on to a DN associated with ICD (your JTAPI Trigger) that executes a Call Flow that will queue the call.

This should work since ICD will now think that you are transferring a call to the IVR using an extension that is part of a hunt group.

Good Luck!

New Member

Re: How to connect IVR to Call Manager

So, for example, if I have a pilot number of 3500 and a huntgroup consisting of 4000 and 4001, then I can add a JTAPI trigger as a third DN?

Makes perfect sense!

I looked through CCO and noticed that the only time JTAPI trigger is mentioned is in JTAPI programming manual.

Does it mean that we should create a small JTAPI program?

How do we add it to a hunt group? I cannot find the place in CCMAdmin to do it.

Does the workflow use delay command? Or are you using something else?

Sorry for bugging you so much, but we are so close to getting it right!

So far, we tried adding the last DN in a hunt group as a new route point where ICD would delay the call for 5 seconds and then foward the call back to the pilot number. But, the call would just be dropped!!!

New Member

Re: How to connect IVR to Call Manager


It sounds like you are on the right path. So when you are attempting to queue the call when all IVR ports are busy are you trying to queue the call to an agent group or just queue the call until an IVR port becomes available?

The JTAPI trigger is the ICD equivalent of a CTI Route Point on the CallManager. Just as you would need to create the CTI Route Point on the CM you would need to create the trigger on ICD through AppAdmin.

If you still have questions, send me an email and we can talk about this in greater detail.

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