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how to default an ata 186

I have 2 ata 186's that I have upgraded to v215. When I tested them in my office, they worked just fine. When I took them to the customer site, they were able to grab an ip address but wouldn't give me dialtone, nor would they auto register with callmanager. I'm wondering if there is a way to wipe the config back to factory settings.


Re: how to default an ata 186


Did you try manually configure them either by IVR/Web ? Did the customer have proper TFTP server config and was the ATA able to reach it.

When the ATA 186 is powered up it contacts the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server for a specific profile to download. The ATA 186 has internal local nonvolatile cache of the profile so that if the TFTP server is not reachable after three attempts, it continues its normal operation using its own locally-cached profile from the previous configuration ( which would be the one it had when you tested at office ). A TFTP server needs to host a profile (configuration) for each ATA 186.

Refer this document for more info:


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Re: how to default an ata 186


Make sure the ata186 only has one callmanager address in the config when you fire the box up...I have had this issue in the past and debug shows the box gets confused...hopefully this will help

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Re: how to default an ata 186

make sure the ATA can raech the CallManager from the customer site to your site.

If the ATA can't talk to the CM or register to either GK or Sip proxy a dail tone wont be played.


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