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How to disable Call Waiting?

CM 4.1.3

A secretary has a 7970 phone with 8 lines on it and each one is configured to forward to the next line until line 8, which is configured to go to vmail. Line 1 is not a shared line. When she is on a call (line 1) and she goes to transfer the call, if a new call comes in it tries to ring the line, the soft buttons change to only give you the option of answering the call or not. But, meantime, the existing call can not be transferred (there is no soft button option anymore). This happens on all phones (7960s, etc.) but it is a problem with this one because it is the secretary and she gets many calls. I changed the Busy Trigger to 1. It stopped the call from ringing the phone but but the soft buttons don't work, even though they are still there. So, the end result is the same as when a call tries to come in. Weather the buttons are visible or not, the functionality is lost. Changing the Max Calls Per Line setting to 1 didn't help. Is this a bug? Or is there another way to cancel Call Waiting? Any ideas? Thanks.


Re: How to disable Call Waiting?

In CallManager services parameters try changing the Always Use Prime Line value to True.


Re: How to disable Call Waiting?

You can try to change the softkey layout so transfer will be lighted in the ringing status.

IMHO this sounds like a design issue, a single attendant would have problem controlling 8 lines with one mouth and two ears.

Have you considered using attendant console or some sort of IPMA ?

Please specify the need and way of work so more design help can be provided.


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Re: How to disable Call Waiting?

Hello Anthony ,

We are having a Similar situation. A 7960 IP Phone for the Secretary and 4 Lines are configured on it. None of them SHARED.

What we did is that On the First Line ( Main Line that always receive the Calls ) we configured it to forward on Busy on the Second One and Disabled the Waiting Option on it. The Second to Forward On Busy to the 3rd and also disabled the Waiting ...And so on till the 4th One to Forward on Busy to the VM.

Now when she gets a Call on the 1st Line and another Calls comes it is forwarded to the 2nd Line and the Screen Displays that there is another Call on the Second Line.

If she used the Navigation Button up & Down Arrows she will be able to Toggle between the 2 Calls and the Soft Key Button that Display the Transfer Feature will be available to forward one of the calls and handle the other One.

As for Disabling the Waiting , I am using CCM 3.3(4) and it is just a Combo Box Option that is inside the Line Configuration of the Phone. You just choose whether the Call Waiting is ON or OFF.

Keep me Posted with your findings.

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