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How to export Cisco Call Manager database info

I have a Call Mangaer running 3.1 which I need to reinstall. Is there any easy way to export the phone, user, gateway, route pattern information off of the Call Mangager. Can I use the import/export utility built into the SQL Enterprise Manager?


Re: How to export Cisco Call Manager database info

Callmanager also depends on the DC Directory LDAP database and possibly the CRA depending on your configuration. Simply capturing the SQL database is only part of the solution. If you are re-building a subscriber database just re-install the Callmanager with the same WIN2K parameters you used before and point it to the publisher database when prompted.

Now, if you're talking about a publisher, there's more to worry about. Use the IP Telephony backup utility, also called STI Backup, that comes with the Callmanager software to backup the server to a tape drive or network drive. This backs up only the pertinant information related to Callmanager. Then re-build the server with the Spirian disks and select restore when prompted. The restore procedure will ask for the backup file during the re-installation. Look on Cisco's web site for detailed instructions.

Another tip on the publisher: If you're using a 7835 server with redundant hard drives, shut down the server and pull one of the drives for safekeeping. Restart the server and select F2 for interim recovery mode. Then backup and rebuild the publisher with the single hard drive in place. This gives you a way to get back to your original config in case the restore fails in some fashion.

Hope this helps.

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