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How to force a phone to end a call


We have an application which by using

CiscoIPPhoneExecute, pushes a Dial uri to

phone and force them to dial a number.

if phone is already on a conversation, Dial uri will be ignored. Is there a solution that I can find out if there is a call in process on phone and if so force phone to end call then push my Dial uri?

Thanks in advance for your ideas and feedbacks,

Parisa Tashakori


Re: How to force a phone to end a call

A bunch of methods have been previously discussed to figure out if a phone is busy or not. One is looking at the streaming statistics page on each phone. My prefered solution is JTAPI.. with that, you don't even need authentication to send data to a phone and you can reliably get all calls on the phone and drop them as you like.

I'm afraid JTAPI has a learning curve though.. it's not quite as easy as XML for phones, but it allows you to do a lot more.

If you want to go down the pure XML route, get the streaming statistics, if there's a call, send an executeitem for the proper softkey that ends the call, then send your dial uri. However, is it a good idea to drop existing calls? Imagine dropping a call from your boss to an important client.. he's not going to be happy.

New Member

Re: How to force a phone to end a call

Thanks for your reply.

How can I get the streaming statistics? Could you enlighten it for me please. I want to stay with XML and don't go to JTAPI issue for this purpose.

I appreciate your ideas,


Re: How to force a phone to end a call

On each phone there's a webserver. If you access the phone ip in your browser, you'll get to a nice overview page, from which you can access the stream statistics. The direct url on a 7960 is (for stream one, replace ?1 with ?2 for the second stream)

On a 7970 it's for the first stream, .1 for the second stream, and .2 for the third stream.

The 7905 seems to have the same url as the 7960. It may be that the new 79x1 series have other urls again but I haven't gotten my lab upgrade yet so I can't be sure. There's one more thing you should keep in mind: these pages are locale dependant.. if you install a non English locale, the page will still look the same but the strings will be translated.. thus if you're working in a multi locale environment, make sure you don't just check for the English version of the string you're interested in, but check for any possibly value given your installed locales.

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