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How to generate AXLAPI WebService proxy?


As I experienced, the admin page services can be reached by SOAP.

At http://CCM/CCMApi/AXL/V1/ you can find the WebService service of the server's SOAP interface in a ISAPI application named SOAPISAPI.dll.

Near to this file you can find some extra files: one wsdl file and some xsd files.

So my problem is the following:

I have tried to generate a WebService proxy C# proxy class with the wsdl.exe .NET tool in the Visual Studio.NET.

At the .NET command line you can see:

2003. 06. 05. 08:24 <DIR> .

2003. 06. 05. 08:24 <DIR> ..

2002. 11. 22. 18:57 36 838 7960IbuttonHelp.xsd

2003. 01. 02. 21:35 120 422 axl.xsd

2003. 01. 02. 21:35 82 707 AXLAPI.wsdl

2002. 11. 22. 18:57 53 533 AXLEnums.xsd

2002. 11. 22. 18:57 4 793 axlmessage.xsd

2002. 11. 22. 18:57 1 766 axlmessages.xsd

2003. 01. 02. 21:35 216 798 axlsoap.xsd

2002. 11. 22. 18:57 771 device.xsd

2002. 11. 22. 18:57 760 displayInstance.xsd

2002. 11. 22. 18:57 867 displayinstancerules.xsd

2002. 11. 22. 18:57 893 mgcp.xsd

2002. 11. 22. 18:57 884 phone.xsd

2002. 11. 22. 18:57 821 serviceDependency.xsd

2002. 11. 22. 18:57 768 user.xsd

14 File(s) 522 621 bytes

than in the command line:

>wsdl AXLAPI.wsdl

Microsoft (R) Web Services Description Language Utility

[Microsoft (R) .NET Framework, Version 1.0.3705.0]

Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1998-2001. All rights reserved.

Error: Unable to import binding 'AXLAPIBinding' from namespace ''.

- Unable to import operation 'addPhone'.

- The element '' is missing.

If you would like more help, please type "wsdl /?".

Have somebody experienced this problem yet?

Have somebody got an idea?



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Re: How to generate AXLAPI WebService proxy?

Can you give a brief overview of what you are trying to accomplish please? Also, the newest version of Cisco IP Phone Services SDK is due out very soon and has examples of how do wrap many of the API's using JTAPI, ASP, etc.

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Re: How to generate AXLAPI WebService proxy?

I would like to develope an application which based on the administration pages' feature, for example changing phone or line parameters, resetting a phone, etc.

Firstly, I used the COM components behind the admin page ASPs, but it turns out that CISCO do not support these solution.

So this is the cause I want to use the SOAP interface, although this interface sillier than the COM interface.

This SOAP interface is called AXLAPI, which is reachable in the web server of th CCM, and that web folder contains one wsdl file (describe the SOAP interface) and some extra XSDs.

I would like to develope an C# SOAP client application, so that is the reason that I would like to generate a C# SOAP proxy client class.

I have tried on another side with a wsdl2java utility because I wanted to ensure me that this problem may be existed anywhere.

This wsdl2java utility which can generate from the wsdl file to some java classes.

It also does not work.

I don't think that I make this in a wrong way, I think this CISCO's wsdl file is wrong.

Do you think I am right?

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Re: How to generate AXLAPI WebService proxy?

Yes... I think you're right. I'm having the same problem. I just tried the 4.0(1) wsdl file and it doesn't work.

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Re: How to generate AXLAPI WebService proxy?

There is nothing wrong with the wsdl file. The problem is that it is using inheritance for the types which is not supported by wsdl.exe.

I think that you can use Xmlspy to generate the proxy if needed in C# or Java. Or you can make your own proxy.

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Re: How to generate AXLAPI WebService proxy?

Ah... Thanks for the info Armadata.

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Re: How to generate AXLAPI WebService proxy?

I have had the same trouble using wsdl.exe to generate a C# proxy. I have also tried WSEWSDL2.exe from Microsoft with the same error.

I have tried then with xmlspy which succeed to generate a code. However when I compile it, I got 250 errors (two types of errors). Have you got such troubles ? Do you know other proxy code generator ?

Thks by advance,


New Member

Re: How to generate AXLAPI WebService proxy?

I think to have the same type of problem.

I'm using PHP5 SOAP client with wsdl, but some complex call (like addLine) doesen't works. I have made some PHP trace and I see that PHP SOAP class fail to generate the complex structure "newLine" .... !!!

Some idea ?

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