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How to handle 2digit extensions in unity

i have a problem with unity. We have a cm 3.010 installation with a 2digit numbering plan. As we have only 2digit extensions from pstn i try to figure out a way to get unity to work with our 2digit extensions...

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Re: How to handle 2digit extensions in unity

Unity doesn't allow 2 digit ID's by default. However, there is a registry setting that can enable 2-digit support.

Probably the best way to make this change is to download the Unity Registry Settings Tool from -- It's in the general tools section I believe. This ensures you won't make a typo when modifying the registry, and it does some version checking to make sure you get options that apply to that build of Unity. Check it out.

For the record, Minimum extension length is stored under HKLM\ SOFTWARE\ Active Voice\ Doh\ 1.00\ Minimum Handler AVP_DTMF_ACCESS_ID length : REG_DWORD : 0x3 (only present to override default value of 3).

There are reasons that we require at least 3 digits by default, it prevents addressing conflicts with numbered lists and is used in determining whether a number is local or remote when systems are networked. This shouldn't matter much for a lightweight, stanalone system, but if you experience any performance problems, you may want to see if 3-digit dialing is an option.

Scott Morgan

Cisco TAC

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Re: How to handle 2digit extensions in unity

this works fine, thank you very much. I think we shouldn't have a problem with this config, as we are a standalone system...



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