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New Member

how to import "database" from DC directory to Active directory

Hi all,

If I have deployed one CCM by using the embedded DC directory for a period of time and now and I have to integrate with my existing MS Activer directory because of ease on managing the directory. What should I do??

In my understanding, there is a plugin "Cisco Customer Directory Configuration Plugin" which help you to integrate into the MS AD? But will my existing database also be import into the new AD?? What I am afraid is that I totally lose my old DC directroy configuration.

Thanks for your help if someone has migrated the DC into AD in real environment before.


Re: how to import "database" from DC directory to Active directo

On CallManager 3.3, you should be able to use the Batch Administration Tool to export users while integrated with DC Directory, and then integrate with Active Directory, and then reimport your users.

It is highly suggested that you already have the AD users created the way you want them with the AD tools. The general point of using AD is that you integrate with your already-existing AD users with properly set passwords, Exchange mailboxes, etc, as opposed to using it as just another version of DC Directory. The import process will add extensions, phone associations, PINs and so forth.

New Member

Re: how to import "database" from DC directory to Active directo

Thanks for your help!!

Actually, I want to syn up the Unity user and CCM user into one directory server.

By the way, we have already one Unity AD (with users name & mailbox name) and a separate DC-embedded directory in the CCM. What do you suggest to syn up both directory into one?? Just use the BAT to export the user and integrate the CCM into Unity AD. Next, import the the users into the Unity AD?? Please suggest, thanks !

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