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How to import users with csv file

Hi there,<br><br>how can I import a large number of people into Unity 2.4.6 using csv file. Are there some specific tools for that ?<br><br>I have tried to run External User Import without luck. I get Error opening SQL database.<br><br>Please advice.<br><br><br>


Re: How to import users with csv file

External User Import is for use with Unity 3.1(2) and later.

If you just want to CSV import into Unity, use the Unity Bulk Import tool that is on Unity CD 1. There should be a shortcut to it from the Unity program group in the Start Menu. Here is the Unity 2.4.6 doc with information on this -
Look under Adding Subscribers - Creating accounts with data from another voice messaging system

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Re: How to import users with csv file

Ive got the Bulk Import tool, Though when I run the tool it tells me I have no AMIS or Unity Bridge delivery locations configured. Do i need a bridge/amis to do this. This is a new server and I have all user details in a CSV. Importing this way will be quicker than manually adding them through the GUI.

any ideas?


Cisco Employee

Re: How to import users with csv file

Are you sure you didn't get hold of the External User Import tool? That's for creating Bridge or AMIS users via CSV which requires those features... the regular bulk import tool can be found in the Unity program group and, depending on the version of Unity, in the Tools Depot.

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